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Gutter and Fascia Repairs Canberra

Keeping your house dry and weather-proof is important - both for your comfort and well-being, and to protect the structural integrity of your home. Ensuring that your roof is in good condition is an important aspect of maintaining a dry home, but there are other features of your house which are vital to ensuring it remains waterproof and weather tight. National Capital Roofing services are able to repair or replace all of the weather-proofing features of your home, using Colorbond materials where metal components are required.

Gutters and fascias

Gutters and fascias are key structures, important in keeping your home weatherproof and dry. Gutters and downpipes carry water away from your roof to either soak into the ground, or to feed it into stormwater drains.

Fascias are the all-important horizontal surfaces protecting your home by sealing it from the elements beneath the roof overhang on the outside of the building. Both gutters and fascias are important in ensuring your home remains dry during winter storms. They also bear the brunt of wild winter weather and can be susceptible to damage and wear, putting your home at risk of water damage. In many circumstances, gutter fascia repairs are more economical than replacement.

Gutter replacement

Gutters can be prone to rust, which can eventually lead to holes. If this occurs, they will no longer carry rainwater away from your home - it will leak out before being carried away, leading to dampness in and around your home. We are able to replace gutters using Color-bond materials to blend with your existing roof and gutters.

Down pipe installation

Downpipes carry rainwater draining from your roof into soak wells or stormwater drains. If your downpipes are damaged, or if your home has insufficient downpipes, water will accumulate in the gutters during heavy downpours which could lead to leaks within the house. We can repair or replace damaged downpipes to ensure your home remains dry even during the wildest of winter storms. Additional downpipe installation can assist with roof drainage during heavy rains.

Fascia covers

Fascia covers provide an extra level of weather protection to your home. These are fitted beneath the gutters of your home and will protect the fascia from weather damage ensuring the longevity of your home.

Dry-verge and barge fittings

We are able to fit dry verge to tiled roofs for additional weather protection. Dry verging covers and protects the edges of tiled roofs, preventing water penetration during extreme weather. It will protect your roof and home during severe storms.

Colorbond Barge capping provides similar benefits for metal roofs, sealing the edges to prevent rain penetration.

For repairs to fascias and gutters and for installation of downpipes, dry-verge or barge cappings, please contact us today!

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