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Gutter Replacement in Canberra

Do You Need a Gutter Replacement in Canberra?

If you notice cracks, leaks, splits, rust or peeling paint on your guttering, you may require a gutter replacement in Canberra. Even signs such as mould forming near your home’s foundations could indicate your gutters are problematic, making it essential to call a team of qualified roofers to diagnose and rectify the issue. For over a decade, we’ve been repairing roofs and gutters for Canberra residents. Keep reading below to learn why our services are essential.

What You Should Know about Gutter Repairs in Canberra

Some people forget to clear their gutters of debris and leaves or neglect to maintain them attempting to save money. However, you should know the following benefits of gutter cleaning to find out why it’s a worthwhile investment rather than an unnecessary expense:

  • Gutter repairs can prevent decay: If your gutters become blocked with roof debris, they’ll fail to function correctly. Consequently, rainwater can flow from your roof directly onto your fascia and soffit, often causing the wood to rot. If you’d prefer to prevent such an issue from arising, you need to call the professionals for gutter and roof cleaning in Canberra every three to five years.
  • Well-maintained gutters protect your home’s condition: Guttering in Canberra diverts rainwater away from your home’s foundations. If your drainage system fails to do its job, it could cause your foundations to sink by saturating the soil beneath them. Additionally, blocked gutters can lead to flooded basements, damaged garden features and plants, and door and window frame decay.
  • Functioning gutter systems increase your roof’s lifespan: In some cases, blocked guttering systems can cause water to pool on your roof, which can lead to problems including damp in your loft, damaged tiles and algae growth. If you want your roof to remain intact for as long as possible, you need to keep your gutters in top shape.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Roof and Gutter Repairs in Canberra

You should never attempt to fix your roof without the required qualifications and safety training. Additionally, do it yourself, and you could make the following mistakes:

  • Putting yourself in harm’s way: Climbing onto a roof can be hazardous; you need to know how to remain safe regarding ladder usage, harnesses, protective gear, equipment use and more. Instead of risking injuring yourself, leave your gutter repairs and gutter replacements to the professionals.
  • Failing to have your roof inspected: You need to have your roof’s condition assessed at least every five years to prevent problems arising, but many people either forget to book a survey or don’t bother to when trying to save money. If it has been over five years since a trained roofer inspected your roof, we highly recommend calling us without delay.

Why Customers Should Use National Capital Roofing

By trusting our qualified, licensed and insured professionals to repair or renovate your roof and guttering, you can secure peace of mind about your safety. You can also feel confident we’ll complete the job to the highest standards using durable materials that will resist harsh weather conditions and corrosion. If you think your roof needs some TLC, contact us sooner rather than later.

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